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Our countdown to the Italian shows of #IAWLTSummer is almost over…Boys, we’re gonna catch ya!!!

Describing 21 years of history isn’t a simple job, there are so many aspects, so many things to say (good and bad), so many words that can be used.

But I think one of the most important, in this case, is the word “brothers”.

BSB wouldn’t be who they are, what they represent to us if they weren’t bro from the beginning.

They’ve grown up together, they’ve given advice to each other, they’ve been angry, they’ve been happy, they’ve gone through success and through darkness…always together.

A bro is someone that understands you, helps you, tells you that maybe you’re goin in the wrong way, proves joy when you are cherry and sadness when you’re down. A bro is someone that loves you unconditionally for what you are and will always be there for you, even if roads can be apart.

Real, loyal, strong and deep friendship goes on along the years and blood it’s nothing compared to it.



  Rolling Stone Magazine - December 2000   [x]

Once, at a mall back in Orlando, where the group got its start, AJ allowed a beautiful female fan to cozy up next to him for a photograph. Suddenly, she started quaking, like she was having a grand mal seizure. When she calmed down, AJ said, “If you don’t mind my asking, what the hell happened to you?” The girl said, “I just had an orgasm.” AJ said, “Well, OK, now…” And then he got the heck out of there.


You’re not gonna believe it but this concert got even better. I am dead.


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